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Tee Ball (PreK & K)
Juniors (1st and 2nd)
Minors (3rd and 4th)
Majors (5th and 6th)
HERicanes softball 8U (coach pitch)
HERicanes softball 9U (kid pitch)
HERicanes 10U Travel (BY INVITE ONLY)
HERicanes 12U Travel (BY INVITE ONLY)



Palisades Sparkill Baseball League

Palisades Sparkill Baseball League (PSBL) was built on the foundation of having a fun and educational environment for kids to learn about and enjoy the great game of baseball.  While the league is competitive, PSBL puts a priority on making the emphasis more about developing the love of the game and less about winning championships. Sportsmanship is encouraged and boorish behavior is not tolerated.

As an independent baseball league for children ages 4-12, we do not set limitations on the level at which an athlete should be placed.  We understand that each child develops their skills and understanding of the game at a different pace. Age and grade are not the only factors that are taken into consideration when advancing a child to the next level.

Our league would not exist without the continued support of our generous sponsors.  PSBL would like to extend a special thank you to The American Legion, John M. Perry Post #1044 for providing our children with an opportunity to play ball.  


PSBL offers players ages 4-13u playing opportunities.  

Palisades Sparkill Baseball League has the following divisions for Recreational Baseball:

Tee Ball:  4 – 5 years old.  Kindergarten- 1st grade. 

Juniors Division (Coach pitch):  6 - 8 years old.  1st – 2nd grade. 

Minors Division (Kid pitch):  8 - 10 years old.  3rd – 4th grade. 

Majors ( 46 x 60 Field):  10-12 years old.  5th – 6th grade. 

Palisades Sparkill Baseball League also has a Travel Baseball Team, The Sparks.  

The Sparks compete in 8u - 13u divisions. They play locally, travel and compete in various tournaments. 

We recently upgraded our Home Field to allow 50/70 play.   If you are interested in forming your own travel team or coaching please email for more info. 

Our mission at PSBL is to provide a fun and safe environment while learning the game!  

Opening Day is usually in the beginning of April.   We play through April and May into the beginning of June.  Then we have a closing day ceremony.



PSBL is now forming softball teams for the 2019 Spring Season. 

We will be playing in a Rockland softball LL against New City, Congers, Nyack, Valley Cottage, Haverstraw, Stony Point and Suffern. 

Divisions as follows:

Coach Pitch age 6&7 - This division does a skills session followed by a hour game.

Coach Pitch / Kid Pitch split, age 8.

Kid Pitch age 9 & 10.

We are hoping to support a team for each age group.  If there is not enough players we will promptly refund your registration fee.

Please email if you are interested in coaching opportunities. 

We are proud to announce our travel softball team, The Hericanes, had a truly successful fall season winning numerous games, competing in various travel tournaments.   We are looking forward to another fantastic season this spring. 


Tee Ball Information

PSBL Offers Tee Ball for children ages 4-5 years old.  

Tee Ball games are held on Saturday mornings, usually starting at 9am or 10:30am.  Games last one hour. 

Games are usually played at Veterans Memorial Park in Orangeburg. 81 Hunt road, Orangeburg NY, 10962.   

Field #1 is next to the snack shed. 

Field #2 is the first field on the right at the entrance to the park. 

There is usually one practice per week.  The practice may be an individual team practice or a group practice consisting of numerous teams and coaches. 

Tee Ball is a fun and relaxed experience.  Our primary goal is to let the kids have FUN while being introduced to the game of Baseball. 

2019 Spring Teams


Congratulations to the PSBL Coach Pitch Sparks Team for going undefeated this summer!  They posted an amazing record of 10-0.  A special thanks to Coaches Andy and Matt for all of their hard work. Not pictured-Thomas Claro and Jack McCormack. Congratulations Team!!!  Great season!!!

Whats New

Winter softball training

By PSBL 02/11/2019, 9:00am EST

Winter softball training was a great success!

Thanks to all who participated.   We are looking forward to another great softball season!


By PSBL 02/08/2019, 10:15pm EST


Contact Us Palisades Sparkill Baseball League

Mailing Address

Palisades Sparkill Baseball League
P.O. Box 569
Orangeburg, New York 10962

Legion Field is our home field.  It is located at 630 rt 340 Sparkill, NY 10976.  It is on rt 340 in between Oak Tree road and rt 9w.  It is directly across from the American Legion - John M. Perry Post #1044.  Please do not park in their lot.   Use the lot at the field. 

Baseball 2


Community events

Even though our primary focus at PSBL is running a successful baseball and softball league, we also have a variety of fun community events throughout the year.  For example, in recent years we have had Trunk or Treat Halloween nights, outdoor movie nights, pancake breakfasts, breakfast with Santa, group trips to Rockland Boulders games, Memorial Day Parades and much more.  At PSBL we know that learning how to hit a fastball is important.... but we also know that having a positive impact on the community and our players is more important.  

PSBL would like to thank the American Legion John M. Perry Post #1044 for their continued support.  For over 50 years the American Legion has allowed our league to use Legion Field as our Home Field. Generations of families have been able to play baseball and participate in community activities at Legion Field.  Without the support of the John M. Perry Post, our league would not exist.  Thank you for giving us a place for our little ball players to play and grow. 


New youth bat standards

*NEW YOUTH BAT STANDARDS:  PSBL will begin using the new 2018 USA Youth Bat Standards for our Majors and Minors Divisions in the upcoming 2018 season.  If you are purchasing a new Bat please make sure it is marked with a new USA BASEBALL Stamp.   These Bats are available at our Sponsor, DICK’S SPORTING GOODS, at the Palisades Mall.  Any Bat not certified, with the USA BASEBALL stamp will not we allowed to be used in games or practice.  For more information and a complete list of approved bats visit

Would you like to become a sponsor?

Email for more information.

Our Sponsors

These fine organizations make what we do possible. Please show your support to these amazing sponsors and thank them for their commitment to our organization.

On behalf of everyone at the Palisades Sparkill Baseball League (PSBL), we thank you for your support. Our league relies heavily on the generosity of sponsors like you. Our board members and team coaches are all volunteers.

100% of your contributions will go towards training young athletes between the ages of 4 through 12 and maintaining our league for years to come. With your support, PSBL will continue to welcome families from any town in the Rockland and Bergen county area to join our league.

If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact us. Thanks again for your support.

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